Surveys Say No Vista Until 2007 -- Or After

by Preston Gralla

We're knee-deep in our Windows DevCenter survey and OnDotNet survey, and I thought I'd take a look at the results so far, to see what you're telling us.

Here's a shocker: a whopping 73% of Windows DevCenter visitors and 66% of OnDotNet visitors say Vista won't be released until 2007 or after. Are you telling me that you really doubt the word of Chairman Bill?

Another big surprise: On Windows DevCenter, 60% of you are developing for Linux, compared to 81% for Windows XP, 57% for Windows 2000, and 48% for Windows Server 2003. Just where exactly are you hiding those Linux boxes?

OnDotNet visitors, though, hew more to Microsoft products -- only 29% develop for Linux, versus 75% for Windows XP, 60% for Windows Server 2003, and 53% for Windows 2000. No big surprise there.

There's a lot of other good stuff in these surveys, and when it's done, we'll summarize the results for you and publish them on Windows DevCenter and OnDotNet. We like to share.

To help make the survey information as accurate as possible, I urge you to head to these surveys and add your two cents:

Windows DevCenter survey

OnDotNet survey

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When do you think Vista will be released?