Survival Guide For Women In FOSS: Striking Out On Your Own

by Tom Adelstein

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Carla writes: Most women, when they plan their careers, think in terms of having jobs. But why limit yourself? The computing world is a haven for the self-employed, and the FOSS world supplies tools and opportunities you won't find anywhere else...The whole idea is to do something that you find personally rewarding, get paid for it, and do it your way.

I consider Carla one of my favorite writers. She an outstanding technician. Every howto she writes works. That's sometimes a better outcome than I have come to expect.

As a colleague, I have seen her work behind the scenes and she has remarkable talent in the craft of writing and in grokking and explaining technology. I consider her gifted.

In this current article you find Carla's heart or dreams and aspirations. She says "control your destiny". While that may appear as sound advice for women; it's sound advice for everyone.

I took to the road of self-employment a couple of decades ago. So, I understand the cognitive dissonance associated with those steps. You might discover how your fears could hold you back. Carla offers sound advice on this score and also gives you some assurance when you do it the open source way.

I consider Carla a polymath because she's really skilled in a number of disciplines with communication being one. Thanks tuxchick!