Suspend is now working on my Ubuntu Laptop

by Jeremy Jones

I recently wrote an article about my new laptop. In that article, I mentioned that suspend to RAM just doesn't seem to work. I had seen this website before about Ubuntu on an Inspiron 9300 and tried the suggestions for getting suspend to no avail. Recently, though, I tried it again and it worked. I don't know what has changed, but suspend works for me now. I did revert back to the xorg ATI drivers rather than the ATI proprietary fglrx drivers, but I tried that before, so I guess the xorg ATI drivers were maybe updated.

Hibernate even appears to work without too much disruption to my system (meaning, networking seems to come back up nicely). The only piece of oddness is that after resuming from hibernate recently, a USB mouse that I plugged in after resuming failed to be recognized and work. I decided to see what happens if I tried the same thing from suspend to RAM and I'm getting the same misbehavior. I googled around for a minute and didn't turn up anything, so I guess I'll go over to the Ubuntu forums and see if anyone else has had the same trouble.

Anyway, it's nice to see that suspend to RAM and hibernate are mostly working now for me.