Suspend to disk is working in Dapper

by Jeremy Jones

My on-again-off-again problem with suspend to RAM on my laptop is now on-again. I've been getting really tired of shutting down my laptop to transport it between work and home, as well as just keeping it running all the time. I decided today to dig in just a little bit and see if I could figure out what was causing my laptop from properly suspending, or more to the point, resuming properly from suspend.

Here's a little background for anyone who doesn't know my story. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9300 less than a year ago and installed Ubuntu on it. At various times, I've had most everything working well. When I recently upgraded to Dapper, suspend to ram broke. It seems to suspend fine, but when it comes out of suspend, I was getting a nasty orange or purple noisy screen. Today, I stumpled across an acpi howto that mentioned trying to turn off optional devices. I decided to try to shut off my wireless cart (Fn-F2) and see if that would help. Surprisingly, it did. I then decided to leave the wireless up and put "rmmod ipw2200" in my suspend script. That worked, too! So, my wireless card has been the guilty party in keeping suspend from working. Now that I know what the problem was, I can live with this as a solution.


2006-08-20 15:03:38
there are scripts in /etc/acpi where you can control the behaivor of your notebook, when it suspends. For example: you can unload your wireless card :) Just edit the shellscripts