SVG arrives on Series 60

by Antoine Quint

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Nokia has just published the first press release on the Second Edition rev of their popular Series 60 platform, used in phones from Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens Mobile, Samsung, Sendo and LG. Among a flurry of new features, the Series 60 SE platform has a new UI framework, featuring SVG support:

"The scalable UI framework is designed to encourage enhanced application innovation; to drive the differentiation of Series 60 based devices and to increase the usage of data services. For enhanced user experience Series 60 sets a new benchmark by bringing high display resolutions by 208x208, 240x320 QVGA and 352x416 in both portrait and landscape orientations. The UI framework will include the support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that will enable third party developers to design layout aware applications that can intuitively adjust to the different resolutions."

It is not quite clear from that quote what level of SVG support we can expect from Series 60 SE, although SVG Tiny 1.1 would obviously be a nice fit. Given Nokia and Sun's joint leadership in bringing SVG APIs to the J2ME platform, and the developer orientation of Series 60, maybe we can expect support for the JSR 226 APIs.

This is yet another win for SVG in the mobile industry, following announcements from Siemens Mobile and Sony-Ericsson that they will be shipping SVG Tiny-enabled phones during 2004. Vodafone, the biggest carrier worldwide, also announced SVG-based services in Q4 2004 and their new Vodafone live! release.

What do you think you'll be using mobile SVG for?