SVG Open 2004 program available

by Robin Berjon

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The program for SVG Open 2004 is finally available. Its sheer diversity and the innovative nature of a good number of the talks is a tribute to SVG's flexibility and power.

You will of course find the traditional domains in which SVG was adopted immediately such as mapping applications, and mobile content and services. But furthermore, you will find talks on how SVG integrates into the surrounding technologies — the forte of XML technologies — such as XForms, XSLT 2.0, XHTML, sXBL, or Web Services. There are also sessions on how to use it in conjunction with Perl or PHP, and how the new JSR-226 allows one to write SVG applications on mobile devices with Java.

Moving away from the simply technological to the applicative areas, there are talks that are quite alluring relating to location-based services, inter-human relationship visualisation, Kanji graphetic dictionaries, aeronautical charts, train traffic monitoring systems, SVG for teachware, "Semantic Webapps"... the list seems to go on and on.

And of course, there are sessions on SVG itself, introductions, a "Wow! Session" for the tricks, and many more.

That's one conference not to miss!