Switch Different

by Rael Dornfest

You've no doubt seen Apple's fabulous Switch campaign commercials,
most notably the wildly popular
Ellen Feiss and uber geek and BoingBoinger, Mark Frauenfelder.

But what of the others? The geeky ones. The scripters. The sysadmins in their server cages.
The command-line jockeys. Those through whom the source flows openly.

Now, from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, come their stories...

Chris DiBona chucks Emacs for Vi
David Ascher tries his hand at macho Perl code,
Ken Williams runs cooler in boxers,
Nat Torkington deserts the camel for the sleek world of Python,
Sarah Burcham switches to Windows XP,

All movies are in Quicktime, optimized for Web-streaming.
They were filmed on a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV130 NTSC over the period of about an hour.
Editing, stitching, spindling, and fiddling done entirely in iMovie (more on that later)
on an Apple iBook running Mac OS X v10.1.5.
They're mirrored for your pleasure over at Perl.org.

Karma points to
Nat Torkington for the banjo bits and handycam loaner,
Chris DiBona for some fleshing out of the idea,
acme for answers,
Supersnail, Julian Axolotl for use of his studio.