SXSW: Doctorow's Notes on Sterling's Talk

by Terrie Miller

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I took notes this morning at Bruce Sterling's rant-a-thon, but as soon as I saw Cory Doctorow's Impressionistic Transcript, I realized that that's what you really want. The talk was full of interesting tidbits that will merit further reading and thinking, from Brazilian politics to the "creative class" to the "torrent of filth" on the internet today.

The only thing not captured here is the funny exchange between Sterling and Doctorow after the keynote. People were asking Sterling to repeat his street address for the party tonight, and Doctorow said, "It's on my blog." Sterling's friendly rejoinder, "Don't post my home address on your blog!" was a moment to remember for any fan of these authors, who have frequently dealt with issues of identity and privacy in their writing.

Later note: in retrospect, it may not have have made much difference, given Sterling's description of the aftermath. And for a great roundup of blogging and transcripts for everything SXSW, see Mike Slone's link Round Up