SXSW: Web Awards

by Terrie Miller

The SXSW awards ceremony was a blast, with some hilarious moments -- with any luck, some of the video skits will eventually be posted to the awards web site.

O'Reilly Network didn't win an award, but we can't feel too bad -- we were in the company of some really terrific sites. The complete list of winners is available here and makes for some entertaining web browsing.

I was delighted when CSS Zen Garden won the best of show. This CSS demonstration site gathers innovative style sheets from contributors. Just click on the name of the design, that style sheet is loaded onto the very same html page. If you haven't visited the site before, you'll be amazed at the variety of presentations that are possible simply with a change of style sheets.

During the awards, I sat at the same table as Kevin and Tom from OK/Cancel, a great web site for geeks. I scored two of their trading cards featuring two of my design heroes, Don Norman and Edward Tufte, as superheroes with special powers:

Trading cards for Don Norman and Edward "Small Multiples" Tufte from OK/Cancel.

Congratulations to Kevin and Tom for winning the Humor/Satire web award!