[Sylvain Hellegouarch:OSS] Amplee-0.4.0, a Python-based APP Implementation, Now Available!

by M. David Peterson


I finally released a new version of amplee. I've moved from 0.3.x to 0.4.x as there are a couple of modification to the API that were worse the bump. I think this version is much more stable and bug free. Mind you it's a long way before I can claim is entirely unit tested. But it gets there.

The main modifications since 0.3.6 are:

* Added a loader feature. I realized that setting up the store was a recurrent task and I wondered how to help in this task. I came up with the loader feature. Basically you describe your APP store within a config file (pure INI) and calls the loader method. This will construct entirely your store and returns it to you. This is quite handy and makes the creation of a store much easier.
* Handler API introduced. Amplee does the best it can to provide you with an API an tools to handle the dirty work of APP and let you enhance it by a callback system. In previous version those callbacks were attached to the collection which forced to some not very friendly hacks. Now it's a matter of creating a class that implements a set of methods which will then be called by amplee at the right moment. This class is what I call a handler and associated with a media-type that the collection accepts.
* The loading and reloading of members is more flexible. In the past you could solely reload all members of a store or none. Now you have more granularity upon what should be loaded into a collection's cache.
* Many notable bugs have been fixed in the handling of Atom within the members and they should be much more reliable now.
* You can now find a small blog example that shows you how to use amplee.

If you think of upgrading you should note that because of the modification on the callback API you may have some work to do. But this should not be too difficult.

Next step is to update the documentation and move my blog to an APP-driven one.

Hope you will enjoy this release.

* Homepage
* Download

I've been working a bit with Sylvain over the past couple of days, attempting to both learn about, and begin implementing various AtomFS systems via Amplee, and I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with how much time, effort, and thought has gone into this project. While generally speaking, Sylvain is passionate about pretty much everything he does, I have to admit that if I were to point at one thing and say "that's his baby, right there!" and not have it be in reference to one of his his one and only lady friend (phew, that was a close one, huh Sylvain?! ;), Amplee would be that baby, without any question what-so-ever!

KILLER STUFF, without a doubt! :D

Thanks, Sylvain!