“Synapse” Web Services Mediation Project under Apache Incubation

by David A. Chappell

A group of open source contributors have announced the submission of the “Synapse” project for incubation under the Apache Software Foundation. Among these contributing organizations who have joined forces include Blue Titan, Infravio, IONA, Sonic Software and a newly formed company called WSO2.

Synapse is a Web Services mediation framework that allows users to get in the middle between service requesters and providers and perform various tasks – including transformation and routing and that helps to promote loose coupling between services

Synapse will be completely based on WS-* specifications, and will serve as a common framework that can be used across ESBs, Web Service Brokers, Web Services Management platforms, and other types of SOA infrastructure. Synapse will leverage other open source initiatives such as Apache Axis 2, Sandesha (WS-RM), and WSS4J.

It’s a real pleasure to be working with such a set of heavy hitters from the open source community such as Sanjiva Weerawarana, Glen Daniels, Davanum Srinivas (Dims), Paul Fremantle, and other industry luminaries such as Miko Matsumura and Eric Newcomer. Sanjiva and Paul recently left IBM, and Dims recently departed CA to form WS02. I’m happy to say that Glen is still with us :)

The home page for Synapse at the Apache site can be found at –