Tabbed Browsing in Aperture 1.5

by Derrick Story

One of the many delightful surprises in the latest version of Aperture is tabbed browsing. That's right, you can have multiple albums, projects, web galleries, etc. open at once, then switch among them just like you can with multiple web pages in Safari.


To create a new tab, just hold down the CMD key when clicking on a new collection (such as an album). Aperture will create the new workspace and display the thumbnails. You can switch back and forth among tabs by merely clicking on their labels.

This is very handy when you're working on projects and need to quickly toggle among several albums without searching for them in your Projects pane.


Salvatore Barbera
2006-11-14 00:44:27
Hi. This is not a new feature. It have been existing from the first version.
Matthew London
2006-11-14 06:23:16
And OPTION clicking will open a new collection/album/gallery, etc in a new window. (just learned that myself last night from watching the tutorial movies online...)
2006-11-14 07:33:04
Yes, thanks for mentioning the Option-click too. On my computer, this displays the thumbnails from the collection below the image in view mode. If I Option-click on another collection, its thumbnails are also displayed in a mini window next to the previous collection of thumbs. I can quickly scan the contents of each collection and display enlargements. It's quite nice.
2006-11-14 16:41:25
Now that has just saved me loads of time and effort, Derrick your a lovely man for posting this tip!
sean Ross
2006-11-14 19:40:57
One great use for tabs is to create presets. I have a folder called "presets" in which I have duped lots of images that have either looks that I have created for different pictures (ie, sepia look, sharpening settings, exposure settings, color settings, highlight/shadow settings, whatever you want). I then OPTION CLICK on this folder, and lift and stamp between the two tabs. One key is to name these images to reflect these looks.
Jordan Nielsen
2006-11-14 22:47:47
Aye, this isn't a new feature, it's been around since about 1.1. But it is a good tip! Thanks for posting it Derrick.
Peter Frings
2006-11-16 13:22:43
Hey, nice tip! It might be very obvious, but I found out that you can drag the tabs and rearrange them. That way, you can separate the tabs from a single workspace view and make two workspaces, or vice-versa (like the palettes in photoshop and friends).

The presets folder idea is pretty neat, but since the adjustments can now have their own presets as well, it's maybe not as useful as it was -- unless for combining adjustments.