Tabblo - a Django-powered Site

by Jeremy Jones

Ned Batchelder announced about a month ago (announcement here) the release of Tabblo, his company's new web app. Interestingly, Django was used to create Tabblo.

Tabblo is a photosharing site with a twist. Your standard, run-of-the-mill photosharing service allows people to upload and categorize their photos for other people to view. Tabblo's twist is that users can organize the photos on a page with their own words in order to tell a story about the photos. Each photo story page is itself referred to as a "tabblo".

I've created a couple of tabblos, just to play around and see how functional it is. I have to say that it is really easy to create a great looking tabblo. Organizing the images on your tabblo is literally as easy as dragging and dropping. Tabblo feels more like a photo scrapbook than groups of images. It has actually been fun to just browse through tabblos that other people have created. This is a great app built in a great framework.