A Very Portable Digital Portfolio

by Charlie Miller

One of the best things about digital photography is that it's made distributing our photos so much easier. Print at home with no chemicals needed; post on the Web; burn to DVD. How about carrying your entire portfolio with you at all times? It's not as hard as you might think, especially if you're like me and you carry your iPod with you whenever you leave the house.

It's easy to bring your portfolio with you on your iPod and it opens up new possibilities in terms of sharing your work with potential clients. Imagine the possibilities: giving a quick slideshow to a potential client while you're standing on the sidewalk; showing a few selects to the boss while you've got her attention in the elevator; sharing images with friends while you're out having a drink after work.

Getting your photos on to your iPod is easy. First, let's talk hardware: for this to work you'll need an iPod with a color display. This includes iPod photo, iPod color, iPod nano, or iPod with video. Once you've got your iPod, connect it to your Mac and launch iTunes. With your iPod selected in the Devices list, choose the Photos tab from the top of the iTunes window. Choose the option to "Sync photos from:" and choose Aperture from the dropdown menu (you can also sync from iPhoto).

Now you've got some decisions to make: sync your entire Library or choose selected Albums or Smart Albums. You can drag the Albums to change the order in which they are copied to your iPod; this is useful in the event that the capacity of your iPod isn't big enough to hold all your photos. You also have the option to copy full-resolution images to your iPod — in this case, the high-quality JPEG previews are copied from Aperture (not the original RAW files). Once you've synced your photos, choose Photos from your iPod menu and you'll see the Albums you synced from iTunes. You can also setup a slideshow with music and transitions. But how to play that slideshow??? I have to admit I was stumped here. Simply choosing an image displays it but does not present a slideshow. A quick trip to the Apple Support site turned up a deceptively simple answer: select an image and instead of pressing the center Select button, press the Play button. Aha! A photo slideshow with music and transitions.

One more possibility to consider: if you have an iPod photo, iPod color, or iPod with video (not a nano) you can connect to a television to present your slideshow. You need an Apple iPod AV Cable and once you're connected you'll be able to present your photos on a large screen - no Mac needed.


2007-04-13 10:26:26
Nice post Charlie... and just imagine how this will look in an iPhone.
2007-04-13 16:01:49
hi, i already synch my aperture library with my ipod nano, but i got a little problem i can't solve: some albums' pics are not sorted in the same order they are in my aperture albums (which is a simple image name order). May you help me?
2007-04-24 15:21:53
Pietro - we're doing the same thing, the individual photos were not in the order we wanted - read on the web that you should use iPhoto - create the same named albums and then sort the photos as you want, then tell iTunes to sync with iPhotos and the albums you select. It worked for us!