TalkPlus Does Skype Too?

by Bruce Stewart

Phil Wolff has a very interesting post today, along with video evidence, of TalkPlus CEO Jeff Black making a call to a Skype test user on a standard cell phone with only the TalkPlus Java program loaded.

According to Phil, this demo shows that TalkPlus users will be able to dial any Skype user by just using their Skype name, bypassing the need for a SkypeIn number.

It also shows that TalkPlus has engineered a server without Skype components that talks to the Skype network as if it were a Skype client using Skype's own language. It will scale to thousands of simultaneous sessions. TalkPlus has no plans to license this technology or turn it into a product. They built it to solve their customers' need to talk with millions of Skype users.

As Alec and Jon point out, if this gets traction it could put a serious crimp in Skype's business model. I was already interested in what TalkPlus is offering, before seeing Phil's video. Now, I'm positively intrigued.