by Imran Ali

In an article on Silicon Valley's social scene, the San Jose Mercury News fleetingly mentions 'a start-up that is planning a November launch of a telephone service offering "virtual conversations," starting with Santa Claus.' Aha! Sounds like telephony to me!

The startup in question, Talktiva is intending to launch a ' Voice Entertainment Network' carrying conversations with public figures and celebrities, segmented into faith, sports, entertainment and other channels.

First up, launching on 1st November, will be 'Santa' - enabling millions of children to deepen their delusional devotion to the Crimson Gifter as well as contributing to children's charities.

I'm interested to see how conversational, Talktiva's voice avatars will and whether the quality of the user experience will open new possibilities and opportunities.

Personally, I would have skipped Santa and launched with Fake Steve Jobs alongside Twitter's Darth Vader and William Shatner :)


2007-07-28 16:28:22
Talktiva will look into your suggestions! So please let us know who you, or your readers, would like to talk to virtually? They can be alive, historical or character personalities. And, let us know when you want to hear the TalkToSanta™ demo.