Tangerine: Generate Playlists for Workouts

by Erica Sadun

As regular readers of this blog know, I've been looking for good iTunes-based tools to create music for high-intensity workouts. Over the last year, I've tried out several BPM tools without much luck or results. Say hi to Tangerine.


Tangerine is the Potion Factory's new playlist generation tool that just entered public beta.

It works off several song qualities: beats per minute, beat intensity and personal song ratings. You tell Tangerine what range of BPM and intensities you want to use and how long you want the playlist to last. Tangerine does all the work, and selects a random assortment of songs that meet your criteria. Tangerine generates the BPM and beat intensity levels for your songs automatically. I let it run overnight and unlike tools I've tried in the past, it was long finished by the next morning.


Tangerine allows you to select workout patterns. For example, you can ramp up the workout and then cool down, use a series of high-intensity songs mixed with less-intense resting intervals, or just pick a random group of songs with roughly the same characteristics.


After you set your criteria, Tangerine generates a playlist and displays it for your inspection. Use the scroller in the bottom of the window to see the songs (complete with cover-art) and see what Tangerine selected. If you like the results, click Save. Tangerine creates a new playlist in iTunes with a name you specify and you're ready to run, walk or bike as the mood takes you. I've created several playlists with the tool and have been really pleased with the results.

The Tangerine public beta ends at the end of the month and is well worth checking out before then. Other software titles from the Potion Factor retail in the $10 to $30 range, so you can expect the final Tangerine release to come in somewhere around those levels.