by Robert Daeley

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You know, if you're going to etch the shell of your PowerBook with a $20,000 laser cutter, this particular choice seems mighty fine to me. And it likely would have been my first choice given the motif (although a Snoopy WWI Flying Ace to match my tattoo might have been better).

Sadly, I can foresee laser-etched tarsier vs laser-etched gnu flamewars in the future. ;D

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How about you? What would you etch into your laptop?


2005-11-18 09:20:48
Konoko, from Oni
2005-11-19 05:53:15
Well what else ...


Not really - I use OS X, but I've no time for the "cult of the mac". I think I'd save the money, but I grant you the tapier is nice.

2005-11-21 18:22:44
The TTBs
If it wasn't an O'Reilly cover then it would have to be the techno talking babes (http://joyoftech.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/708.html) drawn by Nitrozac and Snaggy.

# Tony