Tarsiers endangered

by Adam Trachtenberg

Related link: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1540&e=13&u=/afp/20050118/sc_afp…

Interesting story on the O'Reilly mascot, the tarsier.


2005-01-18 13:22:08
Might want to change your tagline
Since OSCON 2004 has been over for a few months... might want to update your tagline. ;)
2005-01-18 19:12:44
And they're actually a ton cuter than even the pictures...
On Bohol, they have a small exhibition space with some open trees and one or two dozen tarsiers. When I look at pictures from when I was there, I have this constant dopey look on my face. I can easily understand the market they had as pets. Then again, watching them eat crickets I can easily understand how you could use them in horror movies also.

Depressing to think that people would pay $5 apiece for a stuffed tarsier, and glad that trade appears mostly curtailed. The article definitely paints a more grandiose conservation effort than what I witnessed though. On the other hand, it's hard to blame the PI government for how they choose to concentrate their resources with the evident human poverty.

If anyone is looking for a more off the path vacation than say Thailand, I'd highly recommend a Cebu centered trip. Malapascua was a very beautiful, very peaceful, and good diving. And Bohol had good beaches, beautiful churches, and the abovementioned Tarsier.