Task Analysis Survey

by Dru Lavigne

Related link: http://www.bsdcertification.org/media.htm

Interested in providing input regarding the BSD certification process? The BSD Certification Group has launched a Task Analysis Survey to help determine which BSD system administration tasks are important to both administrators and employers. The English version of the survey is available til May 22; at the moment, the survey is also available in Dutch, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. You can find the links for each version at the News section of the website.

The survey itself is divided into 3 sections. It starts with 8 demographics questions, followed by 212 tasks to be rated, and ending with 9 questions geared towards the surveyee's view on how many certification exams, what they should cover and how they should be delivered.

Yes, this is a very comprehensive survey which takes about an hour to complete. We're looking for feedback from anyone interested in BSD certification, whether as an administrator, student, instructor, employer, manager or developer. If you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to send them to the BSD Certification website. If they are new to the project, they may be interested in poking about the website first and viewing the archives of the discussion mailing list.

Preliminary results will be discussed at the BSDCan BOF. Once the survey has ended, the results will be correlated and published for public review. The results will also greatly assist the development of the certification roadmap, exam objectives, and testing methodology. I'll have an opportunity to discuss the survey in detail in Krakow, Poland in June at meetBSD.