Teaching Open Source @ FSOSS 2008

by Chris Tyler

Open Source presents an incredible opportunity for educators: the ability to take students "under the hood" of complex systems and massive codebases without NDAs. But it also presents its share of challenges: constant change, collaboration across timezones, project politics, complex licensing compatibility issues, and more.

The Seneca Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) is a two-day conference held each year in Toronto in late October, covering a wide (and eclectic!) range of Open Source and Open Content topics. This year FSOSS runs from October 23-24, and in addition to our regular slate of talks and workshops we're adding a one-day track focused on Teaching Open Source. This track includes a series of panel discussions examining issues from the perspective of the student, professor, institution, and open source community.

You're all invited to FSOSS, and I extend a special invitation to Open Source educators -- details at http://fsoss.ca (it's a very economical event to attend -- and early-bird discounts are still in effect!).