Teardrops from the Mezzanine

by M. David Peterson

I've known Chime and Uche for a while now. We all have. In fact, if it wasn't for the Ogbuji family I doubt much XML would or even could have been much more than a passing fad. Fortunately, that's not how things played out.

Every generation has their revolutions, and each revolution has their revolutionaries. Our generation has Chime and Uche, and to be quite honest, if that's all our generation were to ever have, it would be more than enough. Our generation is one of the lucky ones. Sometimes that's just the way things work. And that's certainly how it worked out for us this go round.


John L. Clark
2007-12-13 06:17:11
That song has always moved me; I've treasured that entire album. I believe I had the pleasure of introducing that album to Chime earlier this year, when we traveled together to a Cleveland Python Users Group (Clepy) meeting. In fact, I believe that may have also been my first introduction to Anya, Chika, and Imose. It was brief, as I just stopped by the house momentarily to collect and deposit Chime, but I was to have more opportunities to get to know them as the year blossomed. Now it seems like far too few. They are true treasures, so precious, and our pain upon losing them is sharp and deep, indeed.

That song has always moved me, but I had not grasped the lyrics, for the lyricist has ... interesting enunciation. Thanks for sharing them here, M. David, and for all your beautiful sentiments. I immediately threw my headphones on and listened to it again, as if for the first time.

M. David Peterson
2007-12-13 14:55:51
Hi John,

I am at such a loss for words at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to share this story. Roschele and Chime are truly blessed to have a friend like you in whom is truly and sincerely weeping both for and with, and right alongside them. You have a perspective that is different from the rest of us. As time moves on and opportunities make themselves known as to how I might be able to help, in anyway, would you please let me know?