Tech bookstores to visit by foot

by Steve Anglin

Here in Silicon Valley and Tysons Corner, VA last year, the well-regarded Computer Literacy Bookstores closed. What does that leave? Well, for those who are looking for techical bookstores that they can actually visit by foot, here are some remaining options:

1. DigitalGuru is a technical bookstore that's both virtual and real. DigitalGuru has an excellent selection of computer programming trade books for all skill levels. Moreover, they have a good selection of engineering, math and graphics books. To visit by foot or by car, go to 546-3 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you are unable to visit in person, you can go online or likely find them at a major conference near you. That's because they're the offical bookstore at several major conferences including JavaOne.

2. Stacey's Bookstore is not just a technical bookstore, but a general one as well. However, their technical focus is quite good, especially at their San Francisco store. They also have a store in Cupertino, CA, again in the heart of Silicon Valley.

3. Also, try visiting university bookstores such as the ones at Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, Santa Clara University, San Jose State/Robert's Bookstore, and more. These stores usually have an excellent selection of computer and technical books.

Well, I think I've covered the Silicon Valley. Of course, there are excellent technical bookstores elsewhere in the U.S., including San Diego, CA, etc. So, if you're looking for technical bookstores to actually visit by foot (or by car), check out these or others that readers will put forth, below in the Talk Back.

I invite you all to submit your nominations for best technical bookstore to visit in person, below.


2002-09-11 11:17:28
Reiters is an excellent, long-established technical bookstore in downtown DC, on K street. Also on the web at
2002-09-11 11:27:53
In Atlanta?
Try The Engineer's Bookstore.
2002-09-11 12:02:09
Powell's in Portland, OR
Powell's is great anyway, but their technical book store is a particular favourite.
2002-09-11 13:00:37
SoftPro has stores in Massachusetts and Colorado.
2002-09-11 13:12:03
One more vote for Powell's
I think Powell's Technical Bookstore is probably the best computer/technical bookstore I've ever been too. That includes Computer Literacy and Stacey's both of which I used to visit when I lived in SF. The Powell's web site ( is equally excellent and makes a good replacement for Amazon, etc.

What I want to know: Is there a good technical bookstore in NYC? I moved back here last year and it strikes me as quite strange that there aren't any good tech bookstores here.

2002-09-11 13:53:17
Re: One more vote for Powell's
"I think Powell's Technical Bookstore is probably the best computer/technical bookstore I've ever been too."

I had a suspicion it was very good, but since it's also the only computer/technical bookstore I've been to I didn't feel qualified to judge!

2002-09-12 16:58:21
digital guru
Be careful purchasing things there. Their return policy (as of a few months back) was horrible. Something like exchange only, regardless of how long it had been since you purchased the book.