Techdirt on the FCC and Lack of Competition

by Bruce Stewart

I'm a big fan of Techdirt, and Carlo's latest post on the ineffectiveness of the FCC and the lack of competition in U.S. telecom markets is well worth a read. As usual, no punches are pulled as he compares the U.S. and Japanese broadband markets. And you have to love the title.

We'll Trade You Hawaii And A Player To Be Named Later For Your Telecom Regulator And Daisuke Matsuzaka

The FCC's history of intervening in telecom markets is nothing if not consistent. Sadly, though, they're consistent at being ineffective and unable to create a truly competitive environment that would benefit consumers and the nation's economy as a whole. The biggest problem is that it doesn't really seem to understand that real competition means more than having two actors in a given marketplace -- a situation that often leads to the appearance of uncompetitive behavior.

And if you liked that, you won't want to miss Stephen Colbert on AT&T.