Technology I am Thankful For

by Tom Bridge

Though I am thankful for many things, these are just a few technologies that I am very thankful this year:

Flickr - It's where I put all my photos online these days. The set structure, the tagging, the multitude of communities and friends that I have on there, it's a wonderful piece of tech that's evolved into an integral part of my online life.

BaseCamp and BackPack is project management I just couldn't live without. Whether it's to start planning a wedding, or tracking some of my client projects, this stuff is brilliant and the guys at 37 Signals are just plain wizards.

SpamSieve & Mailsmith - Who here really likes Spam? No one. SpamSieve keeps me 99% spam-free and Mailsmith keeps track of some 30,000 emails over two years. Thanks much to Michael Tsai and Rich and the gang at BareBones for making some really awesome technology that work together so well.

NetNewsWire & RSS - How else am I supposed to read over 150 site, flickr groups and blogs? Seriously?

Technology is an expanding frontier, each year bringing more people in touch with one another. Between Flickr, IRC, email, blogs and RSS, the world is growing to be a smaller and smaller place. With communication comes dialogue and understanding, and those become the ties that bind. Those are what I am truly thankful for this season.

What software are you thankful for?


2005-11-24 16:32:15
Mailsmith? [provided link is broken...]
The link should be

In any case: 1995 called --they want their POP client back. Seriously, no IMAP facility? Even Fetch eventually moved from FTP-only to also allow STFP connections!

[[Yeah, yeah: 1994 called... they want their lame jokes back.]]

2005-11-24 17:57:29
Mailsmith? [provided link is broken...]
Thanks for the link correction, I've replaced the broken link.

As for the 1995 crack, Mailsmith is a solid piece of software. If you don't need IMAP (and I don't), I would challenge you to find a more robust client.