Ted Neward in an Oracle shirt? Yup :)

by Dion Almaer

At JavaOne various vendors try to run talks in the pavillion. There are even "theatres" setup for this if you want to use them. Even though there was a lot of room for the theatres, I barely saw anyone listening to someone presenting there. Same goes for the pavillion talks, unless:

  • The booth is giving away something [no matter what people seem to want to give out, people want it... even if it is junk!]

  • There are girls dressed like Laura Croft [SpiritSoft]

  • Ted Neward is giving a talk at the Oracle booth

There was a nice group assembled to listen to him speak. He is a great speaker, and it was fun to hear his thoughts.
It was even more fun seeing him in an Oracle t-shirt :)

Nice meeting you Ted.