Ted's Top Ten

by Bruce Stewart

I came across Ted Wallingford's "mini-white paper" on ten things the industry should work on to overcome the cultural challenges to the VoIP revolution as I was making my rounds today, and as usual Ted offers up his insightful and practical take on things. From improving the communications about features and requirements, to coming together on E911, to making VoIP systems and devices more interoperable, all of these suggestions are good ones. And Ted isn't afraid to point out something that I think is obvious to most in the industry, but rarely discussed, that there are genuine quality of service issues for today's residential VoIP users in the U.S. (At least I know my Vonage connection over Comcast isn't always up to snuff.) System designers can create enterprise VoIP systems that really shine with regards to voice quality, but the fact is that many U.S. home users cannot today consistently experience the higher quality that VoIP is capable of.