Telcontar welcomes LBS develoeprs to first DevCon

by Glenn Letham

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In the words of Kim Fennel, President and CEO, Telcontar, “it’s a whole new ball game.” Of note, the event was sponsored by LBS data providers Tele Atlas and Navteq. Fennel welcomed the attendees, estimated to number about 150, and kicked things off by discussing “our” market opportunity with respect to location-based services. He referred to the market chain as including data and content providers (i.e. Dynamic data, POIs), the geospatial platform providers (ie. Telcontar), application developers, and the carriers and device makers. Moving the market for LBS forward requires cooperation among all the parts in the value chain and Fennel stated that all must share a common objective and that events such as the “devcon” foster getting the LBS ecosystem together, encourages dialog, stimulates ideas and idea sharing, and perhaps most important, facilitates linkages and partnerships… even access to venture capital funding. Coincidentally, event partner Navteq used the sponsorship to promote a related event, the Navteq LBS challenge… a very successful event designed to promote and stimulate the development of innovative location-based services and applications. Check out the full article for Telcontar's view on the emerging LBS market

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