Telecom is fun at last!

by Jim Van Meggelen

I'm not exactly sure what causes people to get into telecom, but whatever the disease, there is finally a cure!

If you are a hopelessly addicted telecom geek (or, actually, any sort of geek who enjoys communicating), you need to take a look at the new phenom on the open-source scene:


Imagine the fun of being able to build the ultimate über communications engine! Your own VoIP-enabled PBX. Or how about building something like a Voice-enabled BBS?

Here's some of the infinite things that Asterisk can do:
- Hold internet-based meetings of friends (Asterisk-based conference rooms are going to become the killer app for personal use)!
- Create ridiculously complicated telemarketer blockers (they waste your time, now you can waste theirs)!
- Send yourself telephoned reminders (it's so much more high-tech than tying a string around your finger)!
- Have automated "emergencies" call you out of boring meetings (another killer app)!
- Have your wired lines connected to your cell!
- Play matchmaker - have your friendly date-bot connect your eligible friends together - automatically (and, for extra excitement, randomly)!
- Set up automated birthday greetings! Imagine how loved your friends will feel when they get their own personal birthday message (and, yeah, to be sure you are the first - have it call at 3AM, while you are soundly sleeping)!
- Avoid your parents!
- Avoid your partner's parents!
- Connect your respective parents together (is this too terrifying for words?)!

Have I used enough exclamation points?

Asterisk is fully Linux-friendly, and will happily interoperate with pretty nearly anything you want it to.

This little-PBX-that-could is about to re-define all the rules when it comes to telecom.

Telecom, fun? You betcha.
Download a copy and check it out!

Are you aware that there's a telecom revolution a-brewing?