Tellme Offers Free VoiceXML Hosting Service

by Bruce Stewart

tellme_studio_logo.pngDon Jackson, Tellme's VP of Advanced Telephony, wrote in to tell me about a new, free hosting service being offered by Tellme Studio that sounds like a great deal. (Lets face it, it doesn't get much better than "free".) Tellme will now support up to four simultaneous free SIP calls to VoiceXML applications that are developed on Tellme Studio. Unlike some other deals like this, it doesn't sound like its limited to prototype applications -- if you have a low-volume app that won't use more than four simultaneous SIP calls, sign up for the program and the calls are on Tellme.

I've heard a lot of good things about Tellme Studio, and if you've been wanting to give it a spin this offer makes it especially attractive. Don points out that there is great potential for developers to wire up Asterisk extentions to VoiceXML apps on Tellme Studio.