Tello is Today's Talk of the Town

by Bruce Stewart

The VoIP blogs are buzzing this morning about today's public launch of Tello, the latest communications company founded by Jeff Pulver. Jeff didn't go at this one alone, and with high-profile partners John Sculley, Craig McCaw and Michael Price, there's a lot of people betting favorably on this new presence-related venture.

It's not just the bloggers who are paying attention either, there are also reports this morning in BusinessWeek and the Wall St. Journal covering the Tello launch. The basic idea behind Tello is to provide accurate and useful presence information to business users that can potentially dramatically improve the flow of communications. Tello uses a web service that allows people to instantly detect the presence of people on a variety of platforms, once they've registered with the service. Tello will extend the presence concept that is currently only available within certain closed systems (AIM, Skype) to a broader, more useful level, where you will be able to see if a contact is available via landline, cell phone, IM, etc.

if you want to learn more now, Om has a great post about it or you can sign up for a demo account starting today.