Ten by Ten: 100 Words and Pictures

by John Adams

Related link: http://www.tenbyten.org/developers.html

This is worth seeing for yourself. From the developer page:
If you're an artist or developer interested in information visualization, 10x10 can be a great data resource for you and your work. As an information artist myself, I understand the difficulty of finding interesting and timely data sources on the web. 10x10 hopes to help this problem. Every hour, 10x10 gathers the 100 most important words and pictures in the world, based on what's happening in the news. You are welcome to use the information produced by 10x10 in your own non-commercial projects.

As to how it works:
Every hour, 10x10 scans the RSS feeds of several leading international news sources, and performs an elaborate process of weighted linguistic analysis on the text contained in their top news stories. After this process, conclusions are automatically drawn about the hour's most important words. The top 100 words are chosen, along with 100 corresponding images, culled from the source news stories. At the end of each day, month, and year, 10x10 looks back through its archives to conclude the top 100 words for the given time period. In this way, a constantly evolving record of our world is formed, based on prominent world events, without any human input.

I'm going to play with it for a few days and see if it holds my interest.

Seen anything else like this lately?