Test Your Software and Perl 5.10-tobe

by chromatic

Perl 5.10 will be out soon -- within a week -- and pumpking Rafael Garcia-Suarez will likely release a final release candidate for final testing and polishing. If you have Perl code you care about, it's worth downloading RC3 to see how well things run with the new version.

If you have a platform more exotic than GNU/Linux or FreeBSD on x86, getting pass or fail results would be wonderful too.

Here's how.


2007-12-13 18:34:16
Does the 'x86' includes 'x86_64' or only the unadorned 32-bit systems?
2007-12-13 23:31:42
@parv, 32-bit x86 definitely gets most of the workouts. 64-bit results are probably good to hear, positive or negative.
2007-12-14 17:38:26
Thanks chromatic; I will (eventually) get a 64-bit machine from work (or access to one), so I will try Perl & things there.