TextMate 1.5 released

by Giles Turnbull

Macromates has announced the release of TextMate 1.5. This replaces the previous 1.0.2 public release with a version combining lots of new features and including a comprehensive online manual.

The update is free for registered users. A license costs 39 Euros. Minimum requirement is OS X 10.3.9.

TextMate's developer, Allan Odgaard, says he's taking some time off in the next couple of weeks to enjoy some skiing. He's confident that he won't be needed to provide much support for the new release, since it has been extensively beta-tested among existing users.

Personally speaking, I'm still getting a lot of satisfaction from using TextMate, since I switched from BBEdit just before Christmas. As I'm not a programmer, there's much in the application that I don't use, but it remains a great app for writing, and well worth the price.