Thank You, Akregator!

by chromatic

Rael Dornfest and Brian Aker invited me to an RSS meeting way back in 2001, so I've known about the value of syndication for a long time (at least before it was super popular). Jon Udell's Practical Internet Groupware made me realize the value of URIs as identifiers as well as the utility of alternate views of information.

I never found a newsreader that I liked, though. I tried, really tried to get into NetNewsWire during my brief flirtation with Mac OS X. I thought Sage for Firefox was useful... but it never really stuck with me.

I despaired of keeping up on the news of the day with anything but a careful list of bookmarks in Firefox until I found Akregator. Because I already use KMail, the interface was sufficiently familiar (which bothered me about other feed readers), and it's just configurable enough that I can update feeds once a day, then disconnect from the network (though objects embedded in feed entries need an active Internet connection).

The highest praise that I can give Akgregator is this: I never considered a feed reader worth using until I found it. Now it's a primary application for my research and work. Thank you to all contributors to the project!


2007-09-25 07:11:48
Bloglines for the win!
martin t.
2007-09-25 07:30:38
i know akregator but prefer google reader because i read my feeds from different pc's/os's during a day. firefox/iceweasel also has the advantage of addons like abp or noscript.

2007-09-25 13:30:13
Truly revolutionary! Feeds on the left, posts on the right. Why didn't I think that...
anonymous coward
2007-10-15 21:45:13
I was a kubuntu user and like akregator.

I am running ubuntu but didn't like the rss reader went back to akregator.

I find myself expecting it's interface to work in thunderbird (highlighting posts/emails and showing the body of the last in the list) but I come to my senses.