Thank You, Email::Filter

by chromatic

I'm not a fan of procmail. I like what it can do, and I deeply respect people who make it work and especially make it work for them. I use Email::Filter instead, and I'm extremely happy with it.

I get a lot of mail, and plenty of it comes from mailing lists. To direct mail from a new list to the proper folder, I only need to add a single mapping of the list ID to the folder name. A little Email::Filter program takes care of everything else. I haven't needed to touch the program in years. I also don't have to remind myself of how procmail works every three or four months, when I need to change a rule. I rarely even notice it's there.

Thanks to rjbs, the Perl Email Project, and everyone who's contributed somehow to procmail and Email::Filter. You've made my life much easier.


2007-04-19 15:44:03
Can you post your code? I'm interested in dropping procmail and would appreciate some examples.