Thank you, Ethan Schoonover

by Giles Turnbull

I owe Ethan Schoonover a thank you.

It was his Five Steps to a Kinkless Desktop that got me thinking about ways I could streamline my working life and bring a little more clarity to my hard disk.

Although I’m not a GTD addict and manage perfectly well with a plain vanilla todo text file, my hard disk has been in a disorganized and unruly state for quite a while. Watching Ethan’s screencasts gave me some ideas for tidying things up.

As a result I’ve separated my ongoing work projects from the dull admin that goes with running a business. I’ve created an inbox where new stuff gets dumped, and told all my internet apps to download stuff to it. Everything feels a bit cleaner and easy to navigate as a result.

I recommend Ethan’s series of screencasts to everyone, not just the Kinkless faithful who already recite the GTD prayer every night. They’re helpful to any computer user who feels as if they need to re-take control of their files.