Thank You, It's All Text!

by chromatic

I'm a Vim bigot, but I reluctantly leave my comfortable off-white-on-black terminal windows for a web browser once in a while. Sometimes I even have to type more than a word or two in a textarea.

I used to grumble every time a site provided a tiny little text box for entry, or when I wanted to make an edit and left a row of j and k characters splattered through my text.

Now I use the It's All Text Firefox extension and, before I let annoyance creep up on me, flick my mouse to a little blue box at the bottom right corner of the text area. With one click, up pops Gvim.

Suddenly, it's worth typing more than a sentence into a web form again.

Thank you to all contributors to It's All Text for making textareas usable.


Luke Closs
2007-06-11 18:00:48
Thanks for the great tip. On a related note, I've created a Curses::UI based tool for using a Socialtext wiki called wikrad[1]. wikrad in a shared screen session + voip is a very great pairing/team practice. The team I work on does all of our agile planning using a wiki, and we share a wikrad window during our iteration planning and standup meetings. I've also made a few wikrad screencasts.


[1] -

2007-06-12 01:23:59
you should use Mouseless Browsing and Mozex for real keyboard use of Firefox. :-)
2007-06-12 06:02:44
IAT is definitely one of my most used extensions...

Although it is still a bit young, you might also want to checkout Vimperator: