Thank You, Linuxfest Northwest!

by chromatic

I should listen more to Brian Aker. He gave me a tip at least two years ago that I should visit Linuxfest Northwest. He was right.

This free conference expanded to two days this year, with nearly a hundred talks. The latest estimate I've seen is that around 900 people attended. That's impressive!

There are four talk slots per day, so if you go all weekend you can only catch eight full talks. I heard about everything from building a persistent file system on a USB drive for Ubuntu to LiveJournal's scaling strategy to the open sourcing of Second Life's code to the history and intent of copyright. Imagine a computer lab full of people from age three to sixty-plus all building their own Linux-capable thumb drives.

I didn't expect that, and I'm supremely glad I went.

Of course, the Linden Lab and Silicon Mechanics-sponsored party in the American Museum of Radio and Electricity didn't hurt, either. (A working theremin! A 75 year-old car phone! Free food and drink!)

If you're in the Pacific Northwest next year (or can be), go to this conference.

Thank you to the founders, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, and attendees. I'll be back.