Thank you, OpenSSH!

by Chris Tyler

In the spirit of chromatic's many thank-you posts, I want to send a huge thank-you to all of the developers and contributors of the OpenSSH project.

SSH provides the right tool for so many tasks, especially when faced with a temporary access need that spans several different networks. It give me secure access to my colocated servers and my clients' systems, a simple way to print from my clients' servers to my home laser printer, compressed secure X11 access, easy command line file transfers, and encrypted tunnels for oh-so-many things (including iSCSI connections and pop3 pickups). As a base technology, SSH enables ssh:// URIs throughout my work environment (in gnome/kde/OOo and more), permitting me to securely open documents from any machine I use on any other machine I use, even across complex combinations of intervening networks, and SSH also enables safe remote displays in VNC (-via) and NX.

So thank you, OpenSSH and related projects! -- your work securely enables many remote access scenarios and saves me hours every week.