Thank You, Postfix!

by chromatic

I rarely see my colleagues, both in my work and in my hobbies. I spend most of my time collaborating with them, and one primary communication medium is email.

My personal mail server runs Postfix. Besides one small problem with a spam filtering message loop (mail forwarding to an account which rejects spam messages and includes the spam in the response is at least as evil as challenge-response), I've never had a lick of trouble.

Throw in server-side filtering with procmail or Email::Filter, as well as extended addresses, and I'm thrilled.

Then I discovered how to add just a couple of lines of configuration to make temporary, expirable addresses stunningly easy to create and manage and expirable, lightweight mailing lists, both of which require MTA administration beyond one initial configuration.

I never have to think about Postfix. It silently hums along, delivering buckets of mail. Thank you to all of its developers and contributors!


Kyrre Nygård
2007-08-14 03:11:26
Yeah thank you from me too!
2007-09-25 15:44:14
Hmm... Mail::TempAddress says "Please see the README file in this distribution for installation and configuration instructions.", but there is no README file in the distribution. The result is that you sound a bit like a tease.

Could you please make amends by including the README file, and if it doesn't include Postfix-specific installation instructions, provide those for edification-by-example?