Thank You, SVK!

by chromatic

I've used revision control for almost all of my professional career, starting with CVS in 1999 as I joined the world of free software developers and migrating to Subversion in 2003 for personal projects. Now I rarely use Subversion directly; I use SVK for most of my work.

SVK accesses public Subversion repositories almost transparently, so on projects where I have commit access, the only real difference for me is typing svk instead of svn.

For projects where I don't have commit access--or when I'm on a train or an airplane or in an airport, hotel room, or conference center without reliable Internet access--it's amazingly convenient to be able to commit changes as I go and merge them later.

I enjoy the use of offline mirrors and the ability to generate patches or push certain commits but not others. Even better, there are no .svn directories in my checkouts to deal with. Everything I remember from using plain Subversion before extends to creating and managing and working with repositories, but I've gained the ability to manage my own branches even without commit access at the moment or in general.

When I need those features, I really need them. Thank you to all SVK developers and contributors for making my life easier!


2007-03-06 09:00:23
SVK is cool, but I dropped it for GIT. You may want to give it a try sometime.