Thank You, Vim!

by chromatic

Yes, this is a Movable Type weblog. Yes, I accessed it through Firefox. Yet I hate typing in little text input boxes.

I'm writing this (surprisingly post-modern) entry in Vim, a tool I find almost indispensible. It seems like every time I use a computer, I end up wanting to use Vim.

I've used Vim to write all of my articles and all of my books. (I've used Vim to edit all of the articles and books I've edited too. I even wrote a two-line wiki in Vim, which I use to, among other things, keep track of the list of free software projects that deserve my thanks.

Speaking of software, I don't know how I'd program without Vim. I've tried a few IDEs here and there, and there are some nice features, but the ability to work with text rapidly and quickly, through powerful muscle memory, keeps me using Vim.

So to Bram and all of the other developers and contributors to Vim, especially those who've shared a few of their secrets which I've incorporated into my personal corpus of productivity, thank you. Your work is indispensible.


Saint Aardvark
2007-05-28 08:57:30
If you haven't found it already, the Mozex plugin for Firefox is a must-have. Among many other things, it lets you open Emacs^Wthe editor of your choice for text boxes. You can grab it here:

Thanks for this series, btw -- I've come across a few great utilities and tricks that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Rik Hemsley
2007-05-28 12:09:21
ViEmu lets you 'use Vim' (well, it feels like it) in VS.NET.
Rob Orsini
2007-05-29 07:54:46
Every time I think about thanking Bram (and the Universe in general) for Vim, I usually end up typing this command:

:help iccf

That's the idea, of course.

2007-06-01 12:03:08

Yes, that is the point and I think Bram would concur. If you enjoy Vim and want to thank Bram, donate to the ICCF.

2007-07-07 00:15:28