Thank You, WiFi-Radar!

by chromatic

I attend more than my share of conferences. Because I travel for work, it's important to take my laptop with me--and there's little more convenient than open, unfettered wireless Internet access. (Wireless power that doesn't cook my innards is the only thing that comes to mind.)

The easier it is to find an open wireless network and join it, the better my life is. (Good wireless support is one of two things I though Mac OS X did well; see Switching Back to Desktop Linux.) Fortunately, I found WiFi Radar and life is easy.

For example, I connected my System 76 laptop to the Portland airport's free wireless several months ago and haven't thought of it since. I had some free time before a flight yesterday, so I booted my laptop and went to connect to the network, only to find that my system had already joined.

The fewer pieces of infrastructure I have to keep in my head, the better. If selecting an ESSID and entering a key once is sufficient to let me update code and fetch and send e-mail, great. Thanks to all WiFi Radar developers and contributors for making that process easy.


2007-05-02 08:12:16
Thanks! for writing this article. I was just thinking I needed something like WiFi Radar just last weekend. Installed easy and works great on Feisty Fawn
2008-06-07 10:44:20
damned, WiFi Radar is really great (didnĀ“t know until now), thanks for the great tip. i think i will send the link of WiFi Radar to webdir TopDir that MUST be there ...