That Pop Effect

by James Duncan Davidson

This week I'm shooting the 2007 O'Reilly Open Source Convention along with Ubuntu Live 2007. Shooting two overlapping events in one week makes for lots of work. The joy of working these two shows is that they are filled with lots of people who enjoy photography. There's something about geeks and photography that go well together. One of the major topics I'm asked about by these photo-loving geeks is Lightroom. And, as we talk about Lightroom, there's an observation that comes up time and time again: "When I look through my pictures, first I see the image and then—POP—I see a tone curve or something applied. What's up with that?"


guy einy
2007-07-26 04:25:11
I am afraid I personally find the "POP" effect troubling.
You import your images, see a good looking color preview and a second later - "pop!" - it becomes contrastless and flat.
The camera colors are gone
I don't like that
2007-07-26 11:24:34
Well, in version 1.0 the "generate full-size previews" caused application freezes in some versions of OSX, so a lot of us turned the feature off ... and we forgot to turn it back on once we upgraded to 1.1. Thus lots of us still seeing these "pops".