That settles that...

by Erica Sadun



2006-04-07 10:25:48
What were you trying to do??
2006-04-07 10:27:23
Dang. But how about cross border gifting for purchased items? Anybody know if that is do-able? I mean, might there be some opportunity in a third-party international iTMS gift service as a work-around to the problem of only being allowed to purchase locally with a locally issued credit card?
Erica Sadun
2006-04-07 10:28:38
I was hoping someone would gift me with the rad Aussie single of the week for this week. Original post here
2006-04-07 10:47:33
:sigh: On my end .. my card of some thirty years is from the States, but I'm in Canada. As a result, iTunes won't let me purchase anything from anywhere (although Apple happily accepts the same card for .Mac) .. anyway, I refuse to get a new card just for iTunes. Were it not for that I'd have the answers and wouldn't be inquiring. Sorry i can't personally test this thing with you. That's actually why I want to know if the restrictions can be somehow defeated, frankly. heh.
2006-04-07 11:16:49
Heh. Screenshot of the day. Sign of the times.
Josh Peters
2006-04-07 12:03:40
A bit off topic, but is there an iTunes policy for people who get married? Let's say that my wife has an account with several fun albums that I want to listen to and vice versa. Do I have to switch users?
2006-04-08 12:42:19
If you and your wife have accounts on the same computer, and each have their music working on it, you can use her music and she yours as long as you have the music in a place where the other can see it. Had a similar "issue" but we combined all our music into one folder, and each of us had complete access to it, and it all worked fine, even tunes purchased through iTunes from each of our accounts.