The 3rd Generation Imac

by Michael Brewer

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Apple announced the third generation Imac today in Paris at the Apple Expo. I definitely think the exterior design of it is a step down from the second generation. The second Imac's adjustable display was simply beautiful -- height, tilt, and angle adjustable. Still, the new one is nice, just not as nice in my opinion. It does contain some nice new technology. I've already spoken to another Mac user that plans to get himself one for Christmas -- upgrading from a Titanium PowerBook.

It is good to see Apple sharing common technology between their professional and amateur class computers. The PowerMac and Imac now have the same processor, same stand (as the Apple Cinema Displays), same bus for the hard drive. It reduces the differences between computers which strangely makes it easier to decide between models. And it's better for Apple to steal sales from themselves than to let another company do it.

What do you think of the new design inside and out?


2004-08-31 08:11:36
same mounting options...?
The cinema displays are supposed to be compliant to VESA standards for flat panel mounts - its interesting if the iMac's gone the same way. It means apple will be able to do things like wall-mount iMacs using off-the-shelf components like these:

I noticed that they've got the weight down to 19lb, (not sure if thats with the mount); most of those flat panel mounts are rated at 20lb. You have to think this was a consideration. It also helps justify the integrated monitor (see Hadley Stern's blog), since wall-mount only makes sense for an integrated system.

2004-08-31 09:13:00
Doesn't look wall-mountable to me
consider: the ports are all on the back, and facing toward the back. So, yea, if all you are going to use is a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you can wall-mount it. Otherwise, it seems you'd be out of luck.
2004-08-31 09:18:42
same mounting options...?
Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that this is a VESA-compatible design. Compare the backs of the two devices:
iMac vs. Display

The iMac's stand attachment appears to be inside the machine, not outside like the display. It would be harder (though not necessarily impossible) to get in there and disconnect the stand.

As a side point, it makes much more sense from a balance standpoint for the point of support to be in the true center of the machine, not a fraction of an inch out behind it. It seems that the display is staying in position less because of natural balance and more because of basic friction. That trick doesn't work as well for a heavier machine with moving parts.

2004-08-31 09:24:18
Yes, it is
The Apple Web site indicates that is is wall-mountable, even providing a link for a third-party option.

The connections are on the side, not on the back.

2004-08-31 09:48:46
Yes, it is
I meant to say, 'the connections are on the side, not in the back', meaning that they are not in the middle of the back.
2004-08-31 09:58:13
It's trying to appeal to the iPod crowd
I definitely think the exterior design of it is a step down from the second generation

I disagree entirely. This thing looks like a big iPod. The marketing even states something like brought to you by the same people who brought you the iPod. This is brilliant stuff and will likely be wildly successful.

2004-08-31 10:31:18
It's trying to appeal to the iPod crowd
It looks alright, but -- assuming you don't get a highly articulated wall mount -- its display is no where near as adjustable as the Imac 2. I'd have to say the Imac 2 still looks better aesthetically, but it is a much closer match when that is the only gauge.
2004-08-31 10:35:28
Doesn't look wall-mountable to me
Typically wall-mounted displays are not flush. So, depending on the installation, there could be just enough room to have some cables plugged in. Or you could have it mounted in a way that it can easily swing away from the wall for access.

The only problem I see with wall-mounting it is also being able to mount an Isight.

2004-08-31 10:38:55
same mounting options...?
From Apple's Imac product pages...

Modern Art Installation
The iMac offers the smallest footprint ever, but you can make that zero with an optional VESA mount. Hang it from the wall or swing it around on your desk.