The Best Java Debugger I've Ever Seen

by William Grosso

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Bil Lewis showed off his ominiscient debugger at the Java SIG the other night.

Even though it's not feature complete, it's amazingly nice. And very useful.

There's not much more to say except this: if you're a java programmer, you should download the omniscient debugger and check it out.

What development tools for Java are you amazed by?


2002-10-09 04:49:34
How many have you actually seen?
2002-10-14 08:23:40
I get an invalid 'CEN' header message.
2003-04-16 08:22:11
Inputting command line arguments to Omnienscent

I am struggling with entering command line arguments. my program takes in an IP address and two switches off the command line.

I am looking at the .bat files you meantioned that are in the jar. I am still working this.

Any help appreciated ASAP.

j. Wolowski

2003-05-14 11:24:47
Inputting command line arguments to Omnienscent

Bil here.

Depending on what you're trying to do, you should be able to just type:

% debug MyProgram arg1 arg2 arg3

If there's any confusion or odd Windows interactions, you can always take the .bat file apart. It is nothing more than a wrapper for:

% java Debugger MyProgram arg1 arg2 arg3

(and a few extra flags for heap size etc.)

The switches can be tricky and you might wish to add them to the .bat file, or just type them in yourself:

% java -DMySwitch Debugger MyProgram arg1 arg2

Of course, you should run the demo version first to get the hang of it before running your own programs:

% debug (and push "Demo")

Good luck, let me know how it goes,


2006-04-22 13:33:54
attach to process ?
Indeed this debugger is very powerfull - thank you, but I do have a question please:

Haw can you ATTACH to a process? If my understanding is correct you can only debug a application that is start by debugger itself thus very limited for distributed applicaitions.