The Big Apple Domino Falls

by Derrick Story

Once there was order in the world of Mac conferences: Macworld SF in January, WWDC in May, MacHack in mid June, Macworld NYC in July, and Mac OS X Conference in October. Depending on your computing preferences, you'd pick a couple over the course of the year and book your flights.

Then the rumbling began. First there was disharmony between Apple and IDG over how to handle the East Coast show in the summer. Then we learned that Panther wasn't going to be ready in time to distribute at WWDC in May. Suddenly, this year's Mac conferences began to tumble upon each other.

So here's the latest if you're following the action:

  • WWDC has moved from San Jose to San Francisco and is scheduled for June 23-27.

  • MacHack remains in Detroit on June 19-21.

  • Macworld NYC is now called CREATE and is still in New York City on July 14-18.

  • O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference is happening in Santa Clara, CA on Oct. 27-30

Indeed, Apple has begun a chain reaction for the remainder of this year's conference schedule. Maybe it's time for change. And just like with everything else, we have to be more flexible than ever when making plans.

Bottom line is... I'm not booking my flights 6 months ahead of time anymore. No way! The world could be a diffrent place before I ever reach the boarding gate. Thirty days in advance is just fine with me.


2003-03-26 12:06:16
Moving WWDC
I've not seen anyone else mention it but isn't it possible that the real reason to move WWDC was to get more registrations.

The real change here wasn't the date it was the forward announcements about Panther.

WWDC is expensive for all concerned both Apple (and arguably attendees). If in todays economy registrations were down such that the event wouldn't break even (I'm not suggesting WWDC is a profit center for Apple but they sure wouldn't want it to be a loss) then the giving it a bit of hype and allowing more people to register would be a good way to improve the financial success of the event.

I'm sure the development teams at Apple are happy for an extra month of 'space' but I'm not sure it was so needed.

2003-03-26 13:43:44
O'Reilly at CREATE

Is O'Reilly planning on having a presence at the expo formerly known as MWNY? You going?
2003-03-26 13:48:49
Moving WWDC -- Maybe
Well anything is possible, and my experience with these things is that the "real" reason is the one that nobody knows about. That being said, I think WWDC is going to be a great conference this year, and I predict a good turnout. Personally, I'm looking forward to the new QuickTime tracks.
2003-03-26 13:52:07
If "agile" methods of "planning" are good enough for development, why not for the "real world?" -- Frank Patrick
2003-03-26 13:58:16
O'Reilly at CREATE -- Oh Yeah...
I'll be there teaching an all day workshop on digital photography and a couple iPhoto sessions. O'Reilly will have a bookstore on the Expo floor featuring a bunch of new books including iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual, iMovie 3: The Missing Manual, and our Mac OS X Hints title. David and I will also have in-booth demos, along with other authors. Plus a few surprises. Whoa, wait, I'm sounding way too enthusiastic about this. I'd better tone this down...

Yeah, we'll be there.

2003-03-26 14:00:01
Agility: Good Point
Good point. And I agree.

But as an aside, aren't things moving awfully darn fast, and does everything have to be such an adventure?

I'm just thinking outloud here...

2003-03-26 14:50:46
O'Reilly at CREATE -- Oh Yeah...
I'll probably stop by then. Maybe do just a floor pass though. Without the Jobsnote I don't know if I can justify buying a Users Conference pass.
2003-03-26 15:24:37
Maybe it was time for a change
I've attended MWSF and MWT for the last several years. It is great to physically be there but I reallize times do change. I know how expensive it can be to exhibit at a converence.

Especially with more people getting broadband connections it is likely we will see a new form of conference emerge.

I could imagine attending a virtual conference if I could ask questions and hear other people's questions - both in the conferences and in the booths. There is not much difference between sitting in a dark room watching slides and listening to a presentation whether it is live or via the net, assuming the resolution is high enough.

I would miss the chance to meet other Mac users. That won't happen on-line.

2003-03-27 04:08:35
The Hack Must Go On!
Apple's move does not sit well with me. In years past there was about a month and a half between WWDC and MacHack. WWDC was first which allowed Developers to come to MacHack with new ideas and new tech from Apple. From the several of the people I have talked with at Mac Hack, their employer paid for WWDC and they paid for MacHack. Life was good.

Since I live in Ohio and don't have the time or cash to make it out to CA, MacHack is my only option, not that it is a bad option. I think it is geat to see a conferance outside of NY and CA!

In any case, this year WWDC will be a full day after MacHack. Will this effect the turnout of MacHack? I think so and I don't like it...

Here is MacHack's Press Release on the subject: