The Big Trip III

by Steve Simon

Copyright Steve Simon

Okay, the six-week big trip through Mozambique and South Africa continues. I’ve already bared-all with the description of what I take with me equipment wise. The big question remains, what kind of underwear and how many?


10 Pair Underwear (Ex Officio Boxer-Brief Quick wash and dry)

Okay, officially too much information for the Inside Aperture Blog.

10 Pair Socks
3 Long Sleeve Quick Dry Shirts
2 Long Sleeved Jerseys*
1 Fleece Zip Jacket
1 Sweater (it’s Africa and it’s Winter there, and it does get nippy)
2 T-shirts
1 Gortex Jacket
Two Jeans
1 Mosquito Net
1 Silk Sheet
1 Mosquito Head Net
1 Mosquito Hat
1 Hat
1 Sports Towel
Sandals for the Shower
1 Travel Pillow
Travel Umbrella
First Aid Kit
Blundstone Original Boots, tough, breathable and comfortable.

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Plug adapters for South Africa and Europe/Angola/Mozambique. If you come to South Africa remember it takes a unique big plug adapter, which you should always have before your trip, but you can get them at the Airport in Johannesburg. Some hotels also have the European plug.

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Toiletries: You know what you need to make yourself beautiful. But here are a few things you guys might want to have in your bag. Ladies, you’re on your own.

Shaving Cream
Skin Cream
Nail Clippers/Scissors
Mini Toilet Paper Roll (These little travel sized Charmins come in a plastic mini-roll and are priceless)
Vitamins (lots of C)
Ear Plugs
Little Toilet Paper
Moist Wipes
Deep Woods Off Moist Wipes
Insect Repellent with Deet 35

A good Travel Alarm Clock or a watch with an alarm feature you can figure out that is loud enough to wake you up is really important!

On my last trip they called me “The Pharmacist”, since I had a bag full of over-the- counter medications ready for anything a hypochondriac could dream up. Depending on where you are going, you may want to consider taking this stuff, particularly in places where finding a pharmacy is not easy.

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Pharmaceutical Carry On Kit

Insect RepellantAfter Bite
TernaFlu Strips
Neutrogena Sun Block
Ear Plugs
Murine Eye Relief
Aleve Caplets
Vitamin C
Imodium Chews
Malarone (Malaria Drug)

Utility Bag

4 Mini Toilet Paper Rolls
Seat Covers
Duct Tape (mini roll)
Gaffer Tape
Soap Leaves
Woolite Suds
Mosquito Repellant for Clothes

Not needing all this stuff is the hope, so prevention is the best idea. Here are a couple of products that may just help alleviate the need for bringing a bag full of drugs.

I found these while on a layover at the airport in Munich.

Orthomol Immun

Comes in 10 ready to drink bottles, which are micronutrients for frequent travelers. Full of vitamins, the pharmacist in Munich where I found them said they really work to reduce jet lag and build up the immune system, which is crucial during long voyages. I’m going to give the product a try this trip and I’ll report back to you.

The other anti-jet lag product I found at this same little travel pharmacy at the Munich airport is something called Jet Ease, from a company in New Zealand. These 32-tablet strip packs are also vitamin rich and they say it will help reduce the effects of jetlag.

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More on how Aperture performed on the big trip next post.